Luis Puig Jr.

President, All Construction Group/All Masonry

Following the foundation his father, Luis Puig Sr., laid down, Luis Puig Jr. set to make his mark in the construction industry. After graduating from Bradley University in 1986 with a degree in Construction Engineering, Luis went right to work for All Masonry. Starting as an estimator, then project manager, Luis became president of the company in 2014. Since then, he has dedicated his efforts to creating a sustainable business model that spurs positive change for the city of Chicago. In 2016, the Chicago Cubs recognized this hard work when they announced All Masonry as the recipient of the 10th Annual Jackie Robinson Most Valuable Diverse Business Partner. The award recognizes businesses who reflect Jackie Robinson’s character and commitment to excellence and continue to break barriers. This award reflects the culmination of perseverance and determination that Luis and All Masonry as a whole have been striving towards ever since his father started the company in 1959. In 2019, All Masonry received the Excellence in Masonry Award marking the 20th time the company has received the award since its inception. Luis is currently a member of the International Masonry Institute, Masonry Contractors Association of Greater Chicago, Illinois Concrete Producers Association of America, Associated General Contractors of Illinois, and is currently an Illinois Representative for the Mason Contractors Association of America.

Luis Puig III

Vice President/Project Manager, All Masonry

After graduating from State University of New York at Canton, Luis Puig III began working with All Masonry in 2016 when he joined the company as a bricklayer. After learning the construction process from ground up, Luis was promoted to project manager. In his role, he is responsible for the planning and overseeing of projects to ensure that they are completed on time and within budget and he does so within the confines of the company’s goals and vision. But Luis credits the experiences he had as a bricklayer for giving him the insider knowledge on how to efficiently run a project down to even the smallest of details. This insider knowledge is what has made the transition from bricklayer to project manager easy for Luis. But, his unique knowledge of the construction industry is not the only thing differentiates him from other construction professionals. Luis is known around the company as being an excellent communicator, delegator, and problem solver which is why he is such a vital part to the All Masonry team.

Erica Puig

Vice President, All Masonry

After graduating with a Business and Economics Degree in 2011 from Monmouth College, Erica Puig began working as a support accountant at All Masonry before becoming Vice President of the company. She is responsible for overseeing the operations of the accounting department including the design of an organizational structure that guides the department to achieving its primary goals and objectives. One being recommending benchmarks against which to measure the performance of the company’s operations. From helping with day-to-day cash activities, financial statements, and safekeeping of company assets, her uplifting attitude has made the workload of those around her much more efficient. Through this work, Erica has proved to be an invaluable asset to the accounting department of All Masonry.

Shawn Perkins

Vice President, All Construction Group

Shawn Perkins is an outstanding preconstruction and construction leader with 29 years of experience working with developers, municipalities, school districts, universities, hospitals, health centers, and numerous private clients.  Shawn is responsible for managing and leading multiple simultaneous projects and project teams in preconstruction and construction phases via lump sum and cost guaranteed delivery methods. This coupled with his expertise in general contracting, allows Shawn to work at a high-level with the company President to strategically plan, develop, and implement business strategies to help grow the company.

Nicholas Parente
Director of Preconstruction, All Construction Group

A senior-level business manager with over 40 years in general contracting, Nicholas Parente has made a name for himself as an industry veteran whose knowledge and work-ethic help differentiate All Masonry as an industry leader. His credentials can be seen all over Chicago, with buildings like The Aqua, District 7 Police Station, Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, and Graduate Hotels. As the director of preconstruction, Nicholas plays a substantial role in the company’s general contracting division. By handling estimates, negotiation conditions, value engineering, and more, he makes sure each general contracting project starts and ends as smoothly as possible.

Arthur Ghiotto
Chief Masonry Estimator, All Masonry

Arthur’s extensive construction experience dates back to 1960, when he first started working as an apprentice. From there he worked his way up from a bricklayer, foreman, superintendent, and now the current chief estimator for All Masonry. His job requires a keen eye for detail, as he reviews each and every project and puts the final numbers on each one. He oversees the bidding and dollar spending while simultaneously tracking the money required for each build. After his retirement over a decade ago, Arthur realized that he wasn’t quite done with the masonry construction business. It was at this time that he joined All Masonry, and his presence has been impactful ever since.

Robert Kostelny

Construction Executive, All Construction Group

Robert has over 35 years of experience constructing complex projects that include Pope School Conversion, Millennium Park, Altgeld Gardens Library, John Hancock College Preparatory High School, and many others. Robert’s role within the company is complex he is responsible for developing strategic programs, project goals, monitoring programs, and project performance as well as being responsible for financial forecasting, risk evaluating, project oversight, and mentoring project management staff. Before joining All Construction Group, Robert worked as a project executive for one of the largest general contractors in the Chicagoland area.

Noel Buckner
Chief Restoration Estimator, All Masonry

Starting his career as a laborer, Noel worked his way through the ranks to chief estimator of All Masonry’s Restoration Division. Noel Buckner has taken his 35 years of experience in masonry construction to lead our restoration division with a keen eye for detail and a result -driven mindset. His deep understanding and experience with design-build, preconstruction, and estimating for masonry projects allow him to oversee the estimating process for all projects that are being budgeted and awarded to the company. Noel also identifies labor, material, and time requirements by studying project proposals, blueprints, specifications, and other related documents. His eight years as an Instructor for the IMI, six years serving as secretary for the local 74, and his 15 years as Estimator / Field Superintendent further strengthened his knowledge of masonry construction and restoration, having honed his vision for what needs to be achieved in order to drive All Masonry to the best it can be. Noel’s experience coupled with his hands-on management style allows him to handle critical masonry situations with ease.

William Kleidon, MPM, PSM I
Senior Project Manager, All Construction Group

William Kleidon is an accomplished result-driven Senior Project Manage offering over 30 years of construction experience. Will’s career began in the trades, earning status of Journeyman in 3 different trades. To add to his trade accolades, Will also possesses a Master’s Degree of Project Management, a Minor in Business Administration, and numerous other construction related certifications and training. Over the past 12 years, Will has gained valuable experience applying traditional and agile project management methods to the successful execution and delivery of large complex projects. Will is responsible for providing complete project oversight including onsite leadership for the project team, motivating team members to meet project and personal goals, as well as directing team responsibilities, project milestones, and driving the team to provide the pinnacle of client management and satisfaction. Other project dynamics Will brings to the table is his efficient and effective execution of project taskings including management of the project schedule and budget, issuance and management of change events, and very important in today’s marketplace is his uncanny ability to generate, manage, and grow client relationships. While these are just a few of the aspects which make Will the elite construction professional he is well versed in all aspects of construction best practices.

Tim Blume
Project Manager/Estimator, All Masonry

Working as a project manager and estimator, Tim has worked on a wide range of projects since joining ALL Masonry more than 25 years ago.  These projects include but are not limited to government building, commercial building, train stations and schools. Recently, Tim’s project, William H Taft Freshman Academy, received the 2019 Excellence in Masonry Award. He received his formal education from Iowa State University in architecture. This experience and education are what allows him to successfully bid and manage different types of projects that the company may work on. Tim’s work presence and work ethic make him a valuable addition to any project that comes his way.

Kacey Motley
Project Manager/Estimator, All Construction Group

The construction industry can be complex, often requiring a variety of expertise in order to complete a project or task. Project Manager and Estimator Kacey Motley utilizes his diversified background to find solutions to some of our most complex projects. Kacey’s background includes his first eight years spent in interior construction, followed by six years in general contracting, and over five years in masonry construction. All of this is incorporated into how he handles the quantitative surveying for every project that comes in front of him. His attention to detail and level of consistency are crucial in making sure the construction process goes well from start to finish.

Blake Peter
Project Manager/Estimator, All Masonry

With 25 years working as a mason and foreman, Blake Peter has taken this extensive knowledge and made himself an invaluable team member for All Masonry. Blake leads the rainscreen division of All Masonry, a job that demands high standards and even better results. He has been working as an estimator and project manager for 15 years, which has allowed him to incorporate his unique skill set into each project and create solutions for any obstacle a job site may face.

Bill Powell
Project Manager/Estimator, All Masonry

Since Bill started laying brick at 13 years old, Bill Powell has been working with masonry construction.  His stepfather had a masonry company, so his knowledge of the inner workings in the industry started at a young age. Bill owned a masonry company starting at the age of 22, which is why he understands what it takes to make sure a masonry construction project is running successfully and efficiently. Taking his over 45 years of experience and 30-hour OSHA card, he brings a level of know-how to his job as an estimator and project manager that All Masonry finds essential to our business plan.

Danny Chiavola

Project Manager, All Construction Group

Dan began his construction career as a carpenter where he learned the ins-and-outs of the industry before becoming a project manager. His ability to lead, coordinate scope of work, and pinpoint accuracy at scheduling projects make Dan a commodity in his field. This coupled with Dan’s ability to write bid packages, conduct scope reviews, manage construction teams, and write change orders is what make him stand out from the rest in the construction industry.

Michael Cotton
Project Manager, All Masonry

Taking his Construction Management degree and combining it with almost 20 years of industry experience, Michael Cotton plays an invaluable role as project manager for All Masonry. He is responsible for the planning and overseeing of projects to ensure that they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget.  Michael is also responsible for the monthly billing of projects, obtaining LEED documents, material procurement, overseeing builds, and the handling of drawings. Michael’s detail-oriented approach to every project is why he is able to ensure that every project is delivered on time and on budget. Michael’s deep understanding of the construction industry allow him to be an invaluable resource to every project he is a part of.

Emilio Garcia

Project Manager, All Construction Group

Emilio has over five years of construction experience. He is responsible for planning and overseeing projects to ensure that they are completed in a timely fashion and within budget.

Through his experience in the construction industry it has made him detail oriented as well as goal driven. Emilio is not only excellent in the field, but he also excels and is proficient in web-based project management systems primavera P6 and Suretrak.

Ryan Dedman

Project Manager/Estimator, All Masonry

Ryan brings seven years of construction experience to the All Masonry team with three of those years coming from working for a pre-cast construction company as an assistant site supervisor before transitioning and working as a production planner for two years where he was responsible for producing 20, 000 – 25,000 sq. ft.  of precast panels daily. Being from Canada, Ryan has a unique perspective on projects and how to deal with problems that arise on a job site. He is responsible for the planning, design, execution, and closing documentation of projects. Ryan is an expert at controlling risk factors and minimizing uncertainty, two qualities that allow him to stand out from other industry project managers/estimators.

Amy Kazmierowicz

Project Coordinator/Document Controller, All Construction Group

Since joining the All Construction Group team in 2017, Amy has quickly become a valuable addition to the company team. Amy’s diverse knowledge of the construction industry and bid document submission process allow her to hone in on project details making bid documentation submittal as simple and straightforward as possible. In Amy’s company role, she is responsible for gathers and submitting all appropriate information for the bid document process and ensures that all bid documents are filed accurately and on time for submission. Amy is also tasked with submitting all MBE/WBE involvement documentation, bid documents submitted by subcontractors, keeping a record of all bid documentation, and most importantly maintaining confidentially throughout the bid process. Amy’s unique skill set make her an asset to any project she works on, but her hard work and dedication allow Amy to stand out in the construction industry.

Thomas Sucich Jr.

3-D Coordinator, All Construction Group/ All Masonry

Thomas Sucich Jr. takes his Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering coupled with his seven years of automotive engineering experience and applies it to the complex field of construction. He facilitates construction by applying BIM and CAD technologies in the design phase of a project. He does so while collaborating with the design team and  other departments to identify goals and communicate procedural changes. Tom is an expert in modelling, design standards, and calculations which is why he has already become a staple of the company team.

Thomas Sucich
General Superintendent, All Construction Group

Thomas is an accomplished construction professional with comprehensive experience and an intimate knowledge of horizontal and vertical construction. Over the years he has been a leader in municipal, governmental, private, institutional, commercial, industrial, site development, transportation, and environmental projects. Thomas has served as a construction manager, MEP coordinator, and field supervisor of large teams, contractors and design professionals. He is an accomplished owner/client relationship builder with an inherent awareness of the individual needs of the client and their facilities concerns and operations. Thomas is proficient in value engineering, construction costs, design intent, code compliance, quality control, and means and methods. He has extensive experienced in all types of construction including mass excavation, utilities (sewer/water, retention/detention, electrical, gas, voice/data), foundations, drilled/driven, shoring, structural steel, MEP coordination, and architectural finishes.

Robert McLaren
Masonry Superintendent, All Masonry

Robert McLaren joined the ALL Masonry team in 2003 with over 35 years of supervision experience. He began work as a project foreman before becoming a project estimator and project manager and finally to his current role as a masonry superintendent. Robert McLaren has worked on all types of new, remodeling, and restoration masonry projects. He is accustomed to leading coordination efforts for multiple crews on multiple projects. He is also experienced in masonry takeoff estimating, negotiating in final scope/contracts, project management, manpower, field supervision, overseeing of quality control, construction sequencing and phasing. His leadership has been instrumental to our team through coaching and mentoring to achieve project cost and completion schedules goals and objectives.

Bob Klein

Superintendent, All Masonry/ All Construction Group

Bob has 20 years of construction experience, beginning his professional career as a carpenter apprentice and learning the ins-and-outs of the construction industry before become a carpenter foreman for a large framing contractor. His experiences have to him becoming an expert in job hazard analysis, developing QA/QC plans for projects, developing monthly schedule updates, and much more. But, Bob’s attention to detail and commitment to quality and safety are what make him such an exemplary employee.

Ed Martin

Superintendent, All Masonry

Ed Martin oversees the operations of construction sites from start to finish, he is also responsible for daily scheduling, supervising, and the safety of job sites. Ed’s extensive experience in the construction industry make him an excellent resource and team leader for company workers in the field even when it comes to the most complex projects.

Jesse Cruz
Restoration Superintendent, All Masonry

Jesse Cruz began working with All Masonry in 2015 as a superintendent with years of experience under his belt. He oversees new projects from the bidding process to the total completion of the job. He started his career as a journeyman tuck pointer and has worked his way up to restoration superintendent. He has more than 30 years of experience in the construction industry with the last twenty years as a superintendent. His constant professional demeanor with our customers, subcontractors, and field personnel makes him an exceptional member of our staff.

Jason Timmerhaus

Marketing Coordinator/Business Development, All Construction Group/ All Masonry

Jason is a high pace, ambitious, and tech savvy marketing coordinator that is responsible for the business development of the company. He is responsible for managing the company website, social media pages, submittal of RFQ documents/Prebid documents, bid documents, employment applications, and attending company networking events. Jason’s drive to grow the company is what makes him such an invaluable member of the company team.

Mathew Briski

Chief Financial Officer¸ All Construction Group/All Masonry

As the controller at All Construction Group/All Masonry, Mathew Briski plays a pivotal role in the company. His responsibilities range from financial statements, cost accounting, budgeting, safekeeping of company assets, and dealing with insurance/audits/taxes. His reports directly influence how the company operates on a daily basis; therefore, his credibility and accountability are at a premium. Working with the company for over 25 years, he has consistently proved himself to be an important part of the company team. With over 30 years in construction and accounting experience, Mathew has made the most of his MBA from Roosevelt University and Bachelors in Finance from Northern Illinois University. His CPA Certification truly allows All Masonry/All Construction Group the comfort in knowing our company is in the best financial hands possible.

Tim Cahill

Controller, All Construction Group/All Masonry

Tim is a highly qualified, hands-on financial professional with over twenty years of experience in all facets of construction and real estate development. He is responsible for maintaining and enforcing a documented system of accounting policies and procedures on behalf of the company. Tim is also tasked with monitoring and the company’s financial condition by conducting audits and providing information to external auditors. These skills are what make Tim a perfect fit for the All Construction Group/ All Masonry team.

Linda Camberis

Project Accountant, ALL Construction Group/ALL Masonry

Linda is an experienced accountant with over 15 years of accounting and administrative experience in the construction industry. Linda’s responsibilities are but not limited to: billing, receivables, reporting project profitability, and job costing. She is also an accounting liaison for the subcontractors, project management, financial institutions, and multiple organizations such as the Chicago Housing Authority and Public Building Commission. She also prepares and submits the waivers for payment on all the masonry projects. This gives you a glimpse as to how important she is to the company.

Elida Betancourt
Office Manager, All Construction Group/All Masonry

While her title is office manager, Elida Betancourt does much more for the company that it is difficult to pinpoint an exact description. For over 35 years, Elida has managed the company’s union reports, workman’s comp, legal issues, and a variety of other tasks for the more than 400 employees of All Construction Group/All Masonry. Her interests lie in the success of the company, which is one of the many reasons she plays such a critical part of how business is handled at All Construction Group/All Masonry.

Cynthia Delatorre
Administrative Assistant, All Construction Group/All Masonry

Working as an Administrative Assistant for almost 20 years at All Construction Group/All Masonry, Cynthia Delatorre provides help with accounts payable, works with orders for mortar, enters invoices, and handles all the companies incoming phone calls. Cynthia’s ability to effectively communicate, multi-task at a high pace, and her radiant positive attitude allow the office to run like a well-oiled machine.