Humboldt Park Health Ground Breaking

With each day moving closer to the beginning of the tremendous project that is the Humboldt Park Health Center in the Humboldt Park Neighborhood, it was a truly monumental day for our team to be apart of the ground breaking ceremony. Our team at ALL will be responsible for the creation of this project, along with help from the city, as well as the architecture team at JGMA.

Our team at ALL Construction Group involved with the Humboldt Park Health Project

The project itself is a 3-story, 45,500 Sq. Ft. health center that will be located at the corner of Division St. and Richmond St. This center, combined with the proximity to the local hospital, will be a multifaceted building in terms of recovery, education, exercise, and many more services.

A rendered image of the soon to be Health Center in Humboldt Park

Our company has strong ties to the Humboldt Park neighborhood, making this project even more special to our team. We know that the addition of the health center will be highly beneficial to the community for many years to come and we are honored to be apart of it.

This project would not be possible without the support of the community, the local government, and Juan Moreno and his architectural team at JGMA. We look forward to sharing more updates as the project progresses along and is ultimately completed, serving as a highlight in the neighborhood.

Architect Juan Moreno of JGMA speaks at the ceremonial ground breaking for Humboldt Park Health

INVEST South/West 2-Year Anniversary

November 18th 2021 marked the 2-year anniversary of Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s INVEST South/West project, a program meant to spur development specifically in struggling neighborhoods. As of the aforementioned date, 3 new projects were announced within the Humboldt Park neighborhood as well as the South Shore neighborhood.

While all of the coming projects are very important to both the communities that they will be built in, as well as the city of Chicago as a whole, ALL Construction Group is particularly proud of the Team Pioneros project. The Team Pioneros project is scheduled to be a $53.9 million development including a mixed-income complex containing 44-units accompanied by 21,000 sq. ft. of extracurricular space.

ALL Construction Group is proud to recognize Park Row Development, led by Matt Mosher, who is also a member of our team at ALL. Through his efforts, Park Row Development was able to present the winning proposal to redevelop the old Pioneer Bank building located at the corner of W. North Ave. and N. Pulaski Rd. Park Row Development will be working closely with the architecture firm JGMA throughout the production of this project.

ALL Masonry Project Honored with Top Masonry Award

Robert J. Richardson Middle School was honored with the Excellence in Masonry award by the Masonry Advisory Council in the Educational–New Elementary category. The architectural firm of STR Partners, LLC designed this award-winning building and ALL Masonry was proud to serve as the mason contractor.

ALL Masonry set red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple accent brick panels to punctuate the clean, white masonry walls of the middle school. Small, square windows sparkle on sections of black manganese brick. STR, with the service of Rauch Clay Sales Corporation and ALL Masonry Construction Company, animated the building’s appearance by placing the glazed brick panels of varying colors in between the standardized windows. The result was a lively and vibrant exterior reflective of the surrounding community. (MAC 2018)

Video provided courtesy of the Masonry Advisory Council.

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