benefits of hiring a general contractor

Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor

When it comes to general contracting, it can be a little bit confusing for those not in the industry to understand the complexity of what they do. In reality, there really isn’t an aspect of the project that a general contractor doesn’t do. From the very beginning to the end, a general contractor will be handling all of the work and managing everything so that you can sit back and focus on what you’ll do after the project is completed. Continue reading “Benefits of Hiring a General Contractor”

masonry restoration

Masonry Restoration: Everything You Need To Know

What is Masonry Restoration?

Say you have an old building that was constructed using brick, granite, or stone masonry. When old buildings and structures tend to deteriorate with time, masonry restoration comes in to revitalize these buildings. At it’s most basic level, masonry restoration brings an existing structure or building back to its original form.  Continue reading “Masonry Restoration: Everything You Need To Know”

Helpful Tips For Hiring A General Contractor Right Now

At ALL Masonry, our general contracting services have been around for over 55 years. Throughout our long tenured career, we’ve continually tried to improve each year. When looking at hiring a general contractor, it’s critical that you know what to look for. Granted we’re biased, but here at ALL Masonry, we feel like our general contracting service is one of the best in Chicago. Continue reading “Helpful Tips For Hiring A General Contractor Right Now”