J & Co. Hair Studio

Owner: Chicago Housing Authority

Architect: KOO Architecture

Location: 1653 N. Western Ave. #1, Chicago, IL, 60647

Budget: $2,240,900

Description: This project involved constructing a 1,100 sq. ft. retail space for J & Co Hair Studio. ALL Construction Group performed the  general contracting on this project which was a design-build approach with an off street build out. We constructed all new electrical, plumbing, HVAC, partition walls, kitchen, granite counters, plant shelving, and custom lighting.

ALL Construction Group’s design build team worked closely with the owner of J & Co. to design and incorporate all of this client’s particular needs and wants for this new store. All appropriate furnishings and equipment were incorporated thoughtfully and arranged in a productive layout, to create an inviting and efficient hair salon. The salon’s layout was determined from an aesthetic point of view, a crowded space is not conducive to the calm feeling that customers expect from a spa experience by creating separate treatment areas. The new J & Co space is roomy, calm and inviting.

Custom built grow shelving was designed with specifically directed and functional track work station lighting servicing the individual shampoo and hair coloring stations as well as providing plant lighting. The end result is best suited for the stylist as well as a delightful experience for the customers. A specific coloring work station was created to manage precise coloring that is easily maintained with its own sink and cabinets adjacent to the shampoo stations.

In working closely with the client all furniture choices and placement were guided by utility and comfort, not just style. Wall mounted back lit mirrors were tilted forward to create a full torso appearance for the customers. In creating each styling station, furniture selections with ample storage for tools and products were incorporated. Once these service-based selections were completed for the stylists the other furniture choices were made to provide sufficient waiting room seats, retail product display, coffee bar with custom built shelving and drink refrigerator. The custom-built front desk was designed to incorporate the needed functions as well as establishing space delineation for a calming flow of the space.   A combination of lighting sources was used to properly light a salon spa. The overhead lighting was set for an overall tone for the space, additional were added for specific tasks. A variety of lighting sources were used to meet the various needs of the stylists.