4 Simple Tips for Finding the Best Contractor in Chicago

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Looking for a contractor? With us it doesn’t need to be so difficult.


There are Yelp reviews, endless pages of business listings on Google, and there’s even your friend who says he knows a guy. So how do you decide who to work with? Let’s look at what it you should look for  when hiring a contractor for your project in Chicago.

  1. You want someone with roots here. A company founded in 2013 might do good work, but a family-owned business since, let’s say,  1959 will really know the lay of the land and their work. Our story started in this city sixty years ago. History is important. Find out how it happened for us.
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Malcolm X College

2. You want a full team backing you with their decades of individual experience. Where is the contractor located? Who are they working with? How do they run their business? There’s something to be said about a winning track record in any industry. Our employees stick around because we’re a strong team

3. Look around. What did you have in mind? Choosing your contractor can be tricky when you haven’t seen what they’ve done before. Check out photos of their projects online. The best contractor will always share evidence of their work!

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University of Chicago Laboratory

4. Ask questions. We’ve blogged about it before, but it can’t be overstated: communication is everything in our business. Here are some more tips on things to consider, and here are some of the big questions to start with. We’re always available to talk, anytime.

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Robert J. Richardson Middle School

Each photo here is just a glimpse at some of our own work. Our mission, after all, is simply “to provide a skilled team to perform masonry services with the highest level of integrity, quality, efficiency, and safety at a competitive price.” We’ve got you covered.