Helpful Tips For Hiring A General Contractor Right Now

At ALL Masonry, our general contracting services have been around for over 55 years. Throughout our long tenured career, we’ve continually tried to improve each year. When looking at hiring a general contractor, it’s critical that you know what to look for. Granted we’re biased, but here at ALL Masonry, we feel like our general contracting service is one of the best in Chicago.

Here Are Some Helpful Tips For Hiring a General Contractor

Make Sure they Have Proper Licensing

One of the key elements to ensuring that you’re hiring a high-quality company is by checking their licensing. Not only does it show that the general contractor is credible and knowledgeable, it reduces the risk of getting ripped off. You want a contract you can trust, and seeing that they have up to date licenses and permits ensures you aren’t cutting corners or hiring someone who is incompetent.

Highly Reputable Brand

Along those similar lines, you should be looking to hire a company with a reputable background. Choosing a company that doesn’t provide any background information or hearing from previous clients is a red flag. Check online review websites and see how long them have been doing business. Like we mentioned before, ALL Masonry has over 55 years of general contracting experience. You don’t get to stay in business that long if you’re not producing high-quality work year in and year out.

Give Them Proper Guidelines

Set some ground rules and parameters before deciding to pull the trigger. You want to make sure that the general contractor is working for you since you’re paying for their service. Let them know when you’d like the project finished by, what time during the day they can work, and other limitations or expectations you think are necessary to your project.

Look At Previous Projects

In the world of masonry and construction, talk is cheap and words just don’t cut it. If you want to choose a company that you know has done good work, make sure you look at pictures of their past projects. ALL Masonry has completed some extremely large-scale general contracting projects and has the proof to back it up. This definitive proof will give you peace of mind that you’re hiring a company that isn’t just hype.

Do Your Research

After all is said and done, you have to rely on yourself as much as possible when choosing who you want. This means that you have to put in the time and effort it takes to thoroughly research each company you’re thinking about and see how they compare. Set a list of pros and cons and call all the potential companies to see who will be the best fit. At ALL Masonry, we treat each client like part of the family, working to fulfill your needs and expectations with high-quality craftsmanship.

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