The origins of Eclad began in the masonry business specializing in the installation of both handset and mechanical fixing of natural stone.

With advancements in the quarrying and fabrication of natural stone, Eclad recognizes the need to develop innovative systems to utilize the benefits of these technologies. During the late 1990’s Eclad developed systems that allow the use of thinner stone panels for greater economy, lighter construction and improved appearance while providing improved thermal efficiency and conserving natural resources for a greener approach.

Eclad systems are continually evolving and in 2017 developed a system capable of meeting certain bomb blast requirements.

Eclad systems have been successfully installed on numerous projects large and small across Europe and North America including some landmark buildings for internationally renowned architects.

Eclad Systems are high performance cladding systems which have been developed to meet construction criteria economically while delivering high speed accurate installation. The modular aluminium support system affords non-sequential installation, ideal for renovation re-clad projects.

Eclad systems have been independently tested to the highest performance and come in combinations of the following versions:

  • The ESV (Eclad Stone Veneer) system is designed for over cladding existing structures
  • The floor spanning ESW (Eclad Stone Wall) system offers a totally independent fully integrated wall
  • The ESD (Eclad Stone Direct) system is a horizontal based system designed for setting stone or stud walls, ideal for interiors

*All these systems can be adapted for other fascade elements e.g. Terracotta & 1cm CRF (Carbon Fiber Reinforced) Stone Panels

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Eclad Block Installation Demonstration