What is QAQC? Why Is It Important to ALL?

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Construction project management requires many years of training and on-the-job work to get right. Our many years of experience and QAQC practices let us promise that.

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QAQC stands for Quality Assurance / Quality Control.

Neither assurance nor control exist inside a vacuum. When it comes to construction, QAQC really means to deliver on the promises.

The “assurance” involves transparency, to the greatest extent possible, about how we will execute a project and all the measures we’ll take to get there. This is a pretty important part of Pre-Construction, in fact. We want to explain in detail the solutions and plans for our eventual product, building, or results.

“Control,” on the other hand, focuses on fulfilling goals and completing all those well-laid plans. Not only are we “controlling” for completion, however. We’re “controlling” for accuracy, efficiency, timeliness, cost-effectiveness, and countless other factors that change from project to project, from client to client.

It’s not only about putting in the hours.

While many of our project managers and contractors possess decades of experience, it is a broader understanding of the field that brings results. Our staff members are more than staff. They’re well-rounded individuals whose diverse backgrounds reach well beyond one type of construction. High rises, schools, stadiums, public transportation — you name it, we’ve been there. Understanding the broadest reaches of our industry is critical to understanding a client’s unique needs, no matter their market or the work they need.

QAQC is about continual monitoring and control of project constraints, strategic procurement of goals and assets, and ongoing analysis, identification, and mitigation of any and all potential project risks. Whether that’s a flaw in design or just a flaw in scheduling. Any flaw in the plan can lead to overwhelming problems.

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We don’t take risks with quality.

ALL can be confident in the work we do. We enter into ever project with a plan, and a plan to maintain the integrity of our company and our results. So that our clients and our Chicago buildings can share that integrity and pride, too. QAQC is more than industry jargon or an acronym. It’s how we do business.