Restoration of Concrete and Masonry Will Save You Money

restoration chicago

Restoration is critical to saving many buildings from demolition. Not only will it maintain the integrity and history of the original structure, but it will save you money.

A significant amount of our work is devoted specifically to restoration projects. In particular, we specialize in concrete and masonry.

Fixing something is almost always better than starting from scratch.

“Out with the old, in with the new” is not a particularly environmentally conscious approach. Restoration — and working with concrete — is better for the environment, as well as your budget. The energy, time, and materials required to completely overhaul a building are immense. Buildings are sometimes replaced out of health concerns, but just as often we see projects planned to simply cut costs.

They end up cutting corners when building a whole brand new, relatively cheap structure.

That money would be better spent restoring the quality structure that already exists — as long as it’s safe to do so! A quality restoration is worth its weight in the years it’ll return back.

Some of our favorite projects involve restoring and rehabilitating older buildings.

You can breathe new life into a space with history. You preserve it, you save in the long run. You’re able to avoid expensive renovations, upgrades, and maintenance.

Here is a look at a recent project of ours, for example — this is the Jose De Diego School. We are in the process of restoring the masonry.


A project’s timeframe may vary significantly, but we handle many public buildings that cannot afford to close down entirely for prolonged periods. We’ve also worked on the likes of the McCormick Place Event Center, which — similarly — is too busy a concert and sport venue and too stable in its foundation to do well with anything but restoration. Complete reconstruction is often simply the wrong choice.

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