Restoration vs. New Construction: a Cost Comparison

Are you trying to decide between restoration and a whole new building? Wondering what it’ll cost? We’re contractors. We’re here to advise.

Maybe you’re planning a new project, or you’re looking for a contractor. You might think the whole structure needs to be overhauled. You’re stressed about the budgets, the permits, the workload. But this is really rarely the case! Furthermore, restoration is often the best option when you’re on a tight deadline. As long as your foundation is safe and stable, we can renovate a façade to save you serious time and money.

While we’ve talked about how restoration can save you money before, it’s time we get visual.

restoration project brick masonry
Our work in progress.

Is the building safe?

A professional contractor and their team can inspect the property and let you know. We can work with solid foundations and structure, even if you have an obviously deteriorating exterior. An experienced masonry and contracting operation can tell you what kind of shape your building is in. They’ll be able to answer your questions regarding cost, time, and what materials will be involved in the work.

repointing brick
Image via Repointing Brickwork.

What’s the mortar look like?

While your walls are made of brick, many don’t account for the mortar. Mortar makes up a significant amount of the façade! Through a process called “pointing,” we are able to improve the structural integrity of the exterior, which bolsters the rest of the building without beginning a whole new construction project. Quality materials and quality work will improve the lifespan of your building by a lot.

How much inside needs to be updated?

We could discuss “structure” all day, but if walls inside are crumbling or can’t bear much weight: your contractor must tell you. We can test these things! Depending on your budget, we can also facilitate these renovations without having to rebuild. We have to consider the technology, the purposes of the building, and the other existing materials.

These are important steps and questions to ask yourself regularly.

You can prevent more extensive work by maintaining your building, proceeding with regular inspections, and ensuring that all appliances and facilities are functioning properly. We know it’s difficult and can be expensive, but you’re making a quality investment.

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