Why We Use and Recommend TerraCORE Panels

rain screen

We believe that using high-quality materials will always result in high-quality work. TerraCORE’s panels are more environmentally friendly, resistant to aging and damage, and consistent than many others available for masonry today.

TerraCORE may sound like just another brand name, but their innovative panels are a critical part of many of our own favorite projects. Above, see just one example: this project for the University of Chicago involved using their limestone panels.

Exterior panels image via TerraCORE.

Their stone panels are 80% lighter than regular dimensional stone.

Yet they can be fabricated to seem just as thick, heavy, and dimensional. This lightweight difference means that they are both easier and faster to install. We can trust these panels without compromising the architectural and aesthetic integrity of the project. Furthermore, this reduces general structural costs associated with heavier panelling work.

They are considered “green,” and they can contribute LEED credits to a building project’s overall LEED certification.

“LEED” means “Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design.” This might seem like a small factor, but is truthfully more important than ever. Their “green” composite CORE material doesn’t just appeal to us as we work on projects built to last, but it appeals to our clients and to the public. LEED certification demonstrates a vision of sustainability. TerraCORE is less of a hazard to building inhabitants’ health because of their HPD (Health Product Declaration) affiliation. They use recycled materials — in fact: TerraCORE exterior panels are made up of 22.05% of Post-Consumer Recycled Content and 10.8% Pre-Consumer Recycled Content — and this supports renewable resources.

They are extremely durable and weatherproof.

So, this is exactly what we need when designing a rain screen masonry project. TerraCORE offers many kinds of panelling, stone, and finishes, but their impact-resistance and flexibility under strain is universal across their product lines.

You can learn more about their brand here, and you can learn more about our own core values here.

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